Office of the Controller of Examinations

Tribhuvan University

Balkhu, Kathmandu



Message from Registrar/Chairman (Central examinations conducting committee)

The hallmark of an ideal educational institution is to provide quality education .it should consist of a series of enhancements each raising the individual to a higher level of awareness, understanding and kinship leading to wholesome development of an individual and thereby contribute to the productive development of the province and the country.

In pursuit of this, Tribhuvan University has made remarkable work in the spheres of providing quality education, productive research and effective dissemination of technology. There are five technical institutes and four general faculties. TU offers Profiency Certificate Level courses only in nursing. Besides bachelor’s and master’s level, TU offers M. Phil. and Ph.D. degree in different discipline both at the technical institute and faculty. Knowledge is imparted in these courses through highly qualified staff who follow a structured syllabi.

Tribhuvan University, established in 1959, is the first institution of the higher education in Nepal. TU is non-profit making autonomous institution funded by the government of Nepal. On January 8 2013, the government of Nepal has principally agreed to declare Tribhuvan University as a central University. There are 62 Constitute campuses and 1085 affiliated colleges.

Veracity, Quality and Control are the rudimentary Principles on which I firmly believe. Office of controller of examinations team have been able to reinstate the credibility, reliability and functionality of the most critical and dynamic section. By virtue of deep involvement and dedication in the examinations, I am pleased that OCOE plays a vital role in the university strategic decisions.

I look forward to be a humble partner with you and your dedicated caring parents so sincerely devoted to see you at the highest point of your carrier formation edifice decorated with richest possible human values.